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18 Sep

These Highlighters Are 15% Off!

The Macy's VIP Sale is happening now! Through September 24th, beauty and fragrance item's are 15% off (with a few restrictions, find out which items are not included in the 15% off promotion, read Macy's disclaimer here). Instead of providing a list of all the products I'm interested in during this sale, I'm sharing with you my favorite beauty product, highlighters, that are 15% off at Macy's this week using code VIP....
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6 Sep

10 Tips You Need To Know When Packing In a Carry-On

A s you may have noticed from my most recent blog posts, I took a trip to Toronto ! Not only was it my first time visiting the city, it was also my first time squeezing a weekend worth of items into a carry-on.

In the past, I've always traveled with a checked bag, but I also tend to always fly with the same airline with no baggage fees. On my way to Toronto, I tried a completely different airline and of course, all baggage had to be paid for unless you had a carry-on.

So instantly I thought,

"No fees for a carry-on? I'm gonna squeeze all my sh*t in there". Then it turned into, "How the hell am...
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4 Sep

The $10 Product You Need To Add To Your Skincare Regimen

I absolutely love wearing a full face of makeup, but when it's time to take it off at the end of a long day, I hate the makeup removal process! Call it lazy, but I want to be able to wipe my makeup off without too much work. I could easily grab a makeup wipe, but most of the time it just doesn't get the job done.  Then I discovered this product, that changed my life forever....
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