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3 May

The Best Products I Used This Month

April Favorites

Finally April is over! Bring on the warm weather! Anyways, this month I tried a ton of new products, after trying my best to lay off of the spending, but the sales were pretty great this month so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save some cash and try out some new products too. Want to know which five products I fell in love with this month? Keep reading…

April Favorites

01. Anastasia Glow Kit : It took me a while to hop on the bandwagon to pick this up; I honestly thought that it would be another one of those hyped up products that I would end up hating. Ulta had it’s annual sale a couple weeks ago and I picked this up with a few of my points that I had been saving up for quite a while. Let’s just say, I’m in love. I’m a highlight fanatic but I usually don’t deviate from my Becca Topaz or my Lorac Tantalizer. I’ve reached for this palette quite often and pushed my Topaz and Tantalizer to the side. There are two versions of the Glow Kit, but I felt that this one would fit my skin tone a bit better and I can’t get enough of it. I paid $40 for this palette and I think it’s a perfect price for it. It may sound a bit pricy, but the size of the pans are quite huge; I can fit them in the palm of my hand. I can’t get enough!

April Favorites

02. Retin – A: I’ve been battling with acne for about 2 years. I rarely had pimples when I went through puberty but all of a sudden my skin decided it wanted to have adult acne, which is the worse. I’ve tried everything under the sun to “cure” my acne and finally when I felt like nothing else was working, I decided to cave in and see a dermatologist. I had researched Retin-A for quite some time and decided I wanted to give it a try. I’ve been using it for three months and have seen a dramatic improvement. Even though I started Retin A at the end of January,  included on this month’s favorites because I saw the most improvement in my skin in April. It does take a while to see results, but during the three month process, I’ve noticed it has helped heal my pimples a lot faster, and helps with the dark marks. My overall skin tone is so much brighter than I’m in awe. I use this twice a week and it’s worked wonders. However, I still get pimples around “that time, you know, when you’re craving every ounce of chocolate and super cranky… Yeah that time, of the month, but they don’t stick around as long. If you are battling acne, I’d say ask your dermatologist about this.

April Favorites

03. L’oreal Infallible Shadows: Have you ever bought so much makeup and completely forget that you have it in your drawer. That’s me! I found theses shadows at the bottom of my vanity when I was doing some much needed spring cleaning, and I decided to play in them and was quite amazed; the pigmentation was out of this world, which is not what I was expecting. I think I paid about $2 for these because Ulta was having a sale and trying to get rid of these two colors so I just grabbed them both.

04. Lorac Lip Gloss: Once again, I found these at Ulta. Ulta has gotten me in so much trouble this month, I need to keep myself away. Anyways, I’ve always been a fan of Lorac lip glosses, they are just the right amount of color and they are not too sticky. I had been using the same color for quite some time and decided to try this one. I bought it at the beginning of the month and have had it on every day since because I’m kinda over matte lips at the moment. It’s the perfect nude lipgloss and looks great on all skin tones; I’ve used this by itself and on top of my coveted Brown Slim Lip Pencil by NYX” and it looks ah-may-zing.

April Favorites

05. Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation: I talked about this foundation last week, and I’ve still been using it on a daily basis. It’s such a comfortable, lightweight foundation and it looks flawless in photos. If you don’t believe me, check out my Live in Color Edit here and see how well it photographed under my huge soft boxes.

Well, that’s it for this month. I’m looking for some new products to try this month, so what do you recommend?


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