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26 Jul

The Palette I Can’t Put Down

One palette…35 colors; Sounds perfect right? Well it is! The Morphe 350 Nature Glow Eyeshadow palette is like a dream come true for me. I tend to gravitate towards warm colors, partially because it’s the most appropriate (professional I guess would be a better word) to wear my makeup to my 9-5 and plus it always looks good. If you are a neutrals person, you’ll love this just as much as I do. I do own a few Morphe Brushes, but this is the first palette I’ve ever own from them; and I am pretty impressed with the quality for the price. I’ll stop rambling and let you take a look!

Morphe 350 Palette
Morphe 350 Palette


Morphe 350 Palette

Morphe 350 Palette


Morphe 350 Palette
You can find this palette on the Morphe Website here. I was able to get this palette for $22.99 with $7.95 flat rate shipping (which is great for those who live outside of the U.S.). The 350 palette consistently sells out super quick, which if you look at this beauty you can completely understand why. Even though the website says to constantly check back, I have found that the availability status is up quicker on the Morphe Brushes Instagram and my favorite Instagram page ever…Trendmood1.
Have you gotten your hands on the Morphe 35o palette?

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