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11 Jun

DIY Glitter Nails

I have been painting my nails one color for as longs as I can remember, and I wanted to try something different, to be, you know…not so boring. I was browsing Pinterest, and a light bulb went off; why not try glitter on your nails? I have a ton of glitter in my house so I decided to give it a shot and came up with this quick and easy D.I.Y. glitter nail tutorial, for you to try!


01. Glitter: I chose to use a not so chunky glitter, but use the type of glitter of your choice. I found this particular glitter in the craft section at the Dollar Tree. 

02. Favorite moisturizing oil: I’m obsessed with Argan Oil right now, but of course use which oil you prefer.

03. Lotion

04. Nail File

05. Nail Color of your choice

06. Gel Top Coat: You don’t necessarily have to use a gel top coat, BUT I do find the the glitter sticks better to this Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat. It is also my favorite at the moment, dries quickly and helps my polish to last longer.

07. Foam Applicators

08. Acetone

09. Paint Brush


Start by filing your nails to the shape of your choice.


Add a clear base coat and then follow up with the nail color of your choice. I used my go to nude Mudslide by Sally Hansen.


Once your nail color is dry, take your foam applicator and dip it into the glitter of your choice. Start placing the glitter on your nail by rubbing the applicator against the nail in an up and down motion starting at the base of the nail.  You can place the glitter in random places as I’ve done, or cover the entire nail. Have fun with this step and get creative!


After the glitter is placed on the nail follow up with a top coat. I love this Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat, but I have found a cheaper option by Essence that I like just as much.


Use acetone and a small paintbrush to clean up any messy edges. Then add lotion or oil to moisturize your hands; pure acetone is very drying on the skin and it is important to add moisture back into your hands.


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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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