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6 Jul

This DIY Rose Gift Box Can Be Made In No Time

For Mother’s Day I picked up my mom’s favorite perfume and decided to be a bit different this year and try a DIY.  If you frequent Instagram as much as I do, then I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous roses in a box (if you have no idea what Im talking about, check out my Pinterest board here). I’m obsessed with them and decided to put my own spin on them and create a not so basic, rose gift box.

This DIY rose gift box took a about an hour to do, including my constant decisions to do other things while completing this task (when multi-tasking goes wrong). If you have a one track mind, I’m sure this won’t even take a full hour.

So let’s get started…


01. Gift Box: I found mine at my favorite store ever, Home Goods. For some reason, square gift boxes of this size are hard to find, but I was able to find a similar box at Michaels for under $4.

02. Cellophane: What’s the purpose of this you ask, well it prevents the water from dripping all over the box as well as makes it easier to dispose of the flowers one they have died and you can keep the box (yay for reusing items). If you are using fake flowers, you can skip this. I found some hidden in the dollar store in the party section.

03. Wet Foam Brick (if you want to use fake flowers, make sure you pick up dry foam brick): Michaels, who just so happens to have everything, is where I found this. It was about $3. I bought two thinking that one wouldn’t be enough, but one was more than enough. My advice would be to buy one and if you need more come back later. I have no clue what I’m going to use the left over foam for, so I feel like I wasted $3. I know it’s just $3, I guess that’s not too bad. If you are using fake flowers, the dollar store has dry foam brick.

04. Flowers of your choice (real or fake): I went to my local grocery store and found a dozen roses for $9.99. I love roses, so I picked up 3 dozen, but two dozen was all I used. Did I mention roses are my favorite? so, I just kept the left over for myself. For the fake flowers, you can pick these up at the Dollar Tree as well, but Walmart has the best fake flowers for anywhere between $0.99 – $3.00 a piece and the petals are fuller and look better.

05. Wire Cutters: I had some laying around my house that I got from the Dollar Tree (does anyone see the trend here).

06. Washy Tape: This is optional, but surprise, surprise I got mine from Michaels, and they were on sale for $1.49, so I decided to buy a ton of different colors, just in case I want to DIY something else.

07. Ribbon: Ribbon is fairly common to find, but the particular ribbon I used for this project was from, you guessed it, Michaels for $3. If you don’t want a bow on the box, you don’t have to pick up any ribbon and stick to the washy tape.

08. Scissors

09. Rubber Band: The small one’s that you use for your hair; you’ll be using this to create a bow. By the way, this is optional.

10. Jewels: I had some left over from when I created this makeup look a year ago and they are still available at Michaels for under $10. There were a ton in the box with different sizes and worth the $10. This is optional as well.

11. Hot Glue Gun & Glue


Grab the flowers you have chosen and begin to remove the leaves from the stem with your wire cutters. If you don’t have wire cutters, scissors works, but if you are using fake flowers, scissors won’t be strong enough to cut them so you will have to use the wire cutters.


Now you want to place your cellophane at the bottom of your gift box. Make sure you use enough so that the cellophane is hanging out of the sides of the box.  If you are using fake flowers, you can skip this step.


If using real flowers, make sure you pick up wet floral foam. Once you have the foam, run it under water for about two minutes, or until the block is completely wet. It will start to feel really squishy, and quite weird. I’m not going to lie, I sat there and played with it like a two year old for a little bit since the texture was so odd feeling to me. If when you push your fingers into the foam, there is no imprint of your finger, you did not get it wet enough. You want your flowers to be preserved as long as possible and this is what keeps them alive for an extended period without having to actually pour water into the box.

After your flower foam is wet, cut the foam in order for it to fit snuggly against the gift box. I used a kitchen knife to cut through; it was very easy and took no real effort, or strength. If your large kitchen knife doesn’t cut through it, you will need to add more water to the foam.

If using fake flowers, you want to use dry foam brick. It’s cheaper and its not necessary to use the wet floral foam.


Start placing your flowers into the foam starting with the outer perimeters and working your way inward. If you plan on adding an item into the middle of the box, like I did the perfume, make sure you leave a space for the gift to fit. Once all your flowers are placed in the box, fluff the flower petals gently to give a more full appearance. I used 2 dozen roses for this, and it was more than enough.


The next steps, including this one, is completely optional. I liked this box, but wanted to add a bit of sparkle. So I decided to take this white glitter washy tape to wrap around the box and trimmed to my desired length.


Once you have your ribbon applied to your gift box, hot glue the ribbon or a bow of your choice onto the front of the box. I created my own bow with the zebra print ribbon, and I struggled with it so, I have no pictures of me doing it. Once I was able to get the ribbon to look more like a bow I hot glued a jewel on top.


I hope you all liked this tutorial and it was quite easy to follow. This DIY costed me about $30, which is a great price being that it includes two dozen roses and the rose gift boxes we see on Instagram can go for anywhere around $500. It also allows you the choice to add some customization so that it fits your needs. I re-created this with fake flowers and use them as decor in my room. Which if you check out this post, they’re hidden in the photo.

Will you be trying out this DIY?

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