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16 Jul

Get Rid of Your Stash

If you’re a self admitted makeup hoarder, cleaning out your makeup stash could be hard because letting go was never meant to be easy. No matter how difficult it may be, there just comes a time when you come home from the store with a bag full of new products, only to open a drawer and realize, well there is no space left. Then, it’s time… to be out with the old and in with the new, but how exactly? How are you supposed to let go of your babies? Well, I’ve listed 3 questions to ask your self to make the process a bit easier. A bit.

Do I Even Use This?

I know, I know; your first initial thought is going to be well, of COURSE, but think about it, as full as your stash may be, do your REALLY use that product? We, (notice I said we because I do this too) tend to hoard things we don’t really use, because why wouldn’t we, we spent our hard earned money on it. As hard as it is to admit, just because you paid for it doesn’t mean it deserves to stay forever. Ask yourself, “do I even use this”?

Instead of lying to yourself on impulse, here’s what you’re going to do.. take any products you don’t use and place them in a box. Next step is to place the box in a “hidden” place, which will be a place you don’t look every single day;think, under the bed, on a shelf etc. If you go to the box and take that product out to use it at the end of a week period, keep it; if you don’t, toss it. We think we really need products because they are sitting in our face, very similar to when you snack on foods because they are in front of you (yes I went there). We’ve all heard the saying, “out of sight out of mind”, it’s a real thing. If you don’t use it, toss it.

What’s the Expiration Date?

If you didn’t know, once you turn over the back of your makeup product, there is an image that looks like an open jar with a number in it; it’s the expiration date. Makeup products can last anywhere between 3 month to two years so be aware of this number. Do you remember buying a product back in high school and you’ve now graduated high school, college and grad school? Yeah, just toss it.

Here’s why: not only will a product used after the expiration date not produce the same results, you run the risk of skin irritation and the dreaded pimples appearing. Eww right? Who wants or even needs additional pimples? Not me.

If you are a germophobe like me, the idea of my skin becoming irritated from using an expired makeup product on my face, kills me, especially since I’m acne prone. When you buy a new makeup product, take any label and put the date on it right after opening and stick it on the back of the product; that way you know the date and when to toss it out.

Do I Have a More Effective Dupe?

What’s the point of keeping two of the same product? Especially when they perform the same? Doesn’t make much since to me.

I bet you’re wondering, “how does one tell if something is truly a dupe”? Simple answer, conduct a wear test! Wear one product on one half of your face, and the dupe on the other. Go about your day as normal and whichever product performs the best, keep it. The losing product, toss it. 

Letting go of anything is hard, especially something you may have paid for. There comes a time when we have to clean out our makeup storage, to make room for some new products, so ask yourself these three questions:

01. Do I use this?

02. What’s the expiration date?

03. Do I have a dupe for this?

If you ask yourself the above three questions while going through the dreaded process of tossing your makeup products out, your stash will be easily cleaned out in no time, without too much heart break.

What tip do you have to throw away makeup products?

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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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