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9 Jul

Is This Drugstore Highlighter Worth the Money?

Last month, I was browsing the aisles of Ulta, and I just couldn’t find something to buy, but in my mind I couldn’t leave there without something (confessions of shopaholic , sorry not sorry) and saw this huge highlighter just sitting there. Only $9 for this pan? SOLD! Next thing you know, I was walking out the door with it in my bright Orange Ulta shopping bag. I put the Makeup Revolution Sun Kiss Highlighters to the test, and I’m sure you want to know if they are worth buying, so let’s talk about it!


“Kiss skin with a healthy-looking glow! Makeup Revolution's Skin Kiss is a crushed pigment highlighter that brightens and adds a natural touch of illumination throughout the year”.

The Sun Kiss Highlighter comes in three shades: Golden Kiss, Ice Kiss and Peach Kiss. I have only two out of the three highlighters because I decided not to try Ice Kiss; I know from a ton of trial and error that pearl colored highlighters just don’t flatter me AT ALL. The Sun Kiss Highlighters can be found at Ulta for $9.00, however I have seen all three shades online at for those who live outside of the U.S.

Sidenote: The great thing about this being sold in Ulta stores is, Ulta is constantly having a promotion on drugstore brands, such as buy one get one half off etc. Also, if you get the circular sent to you, every week they have a $3.50 coupon on the last page. If you would prefer not to have any more sales papers sent to your mailbox you can click here and use this coupon.

“Brush along your cheekbones, cupids bow, brow arch and bridge of nose with a small fluffy face brush”.

For application, it is advised that a “small fluffy face brush” is used. This Eco Tools fan brush, which is definitely not small, got the job done with one quick swipe. There was a lot of pigment on the brush, which was wonderful, but there were also specs of glitter. The glitter being on the brush didn’t necessarily bother me, since it wasn’t chunky. Makeup Revolution does advertise the highlighters as a crush pigment”, so I expected to see glitter.

From Top to Bottom: Peach Kiss and Golden Kiss


01. You want the “I’m naturally glowing from within”: This is not a “Hi, I woke up like a naturally glowing goddess highlighter”;it was perfect for my night out and I will continue using it for that, as it photographs like a dream (see this post, where I wore Golden Kiss it in photographs). This highlighter is very pigmented, even with the lightest hand A LOT of pigment shows up on the skin, which is not a bad thing, but you may want something more subtle if the natural glow is what you are going for.

02. If you don’t like highlighters with glitter: There aren’t necessarily chunks of glitter, but this highlighter is not as smooth as let’s say, this Mac highlighter I reviewed a few months back, which leads me to point 03.

03. If you have texture on your cheeks or dry skinMy skin in no way is perfect, I have constant break outs like I’m going through puberty again  and I did have small pimples when I wore this for the first time…Oh, and you could so tell. Anytime you put any highlighter on you are emphasizing something, so in my opinion it is fair to say that this highlighter shows texture, as the purpose of a highlighter is to emphasize not conceal. The part that bothered me was that it clung to any dry patches on my skin more than usual since the Sun Kiss highlighters have a powder like consistency, making it a challenge for those with dry skin.


 Makeup Revolution products tend to be a hit or miss for me, but this… this right here… is AMAZING. The first time I ever wore the Sun Kiss Highlighters was for a night out, and I received so many compliments on it (you can actually see the look in this post ). At that point I knew it was money well spent, and for a low price of $9 it made the buy feel even better. After the night I wore Golden KissI fell so in love that I decided to go back to Ulta and get Peach Kiss; I think that in itself says it all.


So For the million dollar question, Love It or Leave It?


Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Sun Kiss Highlighter?

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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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