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13 Aug

A Day In Old San Juan

Last summer, I visited Puerto Rico for the day, technically more like a few hours.Puerto Rico was on my bucket list of places I needed to travel, and so when the cruise I was on stopped there for the day I was excited. Puerto Rico is so gorgeous, but instead of repeating that over and over, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s what I did in my short but amazing trip to Puerto Rico.

It was pretty early when we arrived in Puerto Rico, like 7am early, which if you’re like me, yes that’s way too early. The island was pretty quiet, which was expected so we walked the streets of Old San Juan. I really wanted to visit the beach, but it was a ways away and there wouldn’t have been enough time and I’m glad we didn’t. When traveling to an island all I want is the beach, nothing more, nothing less. To say I’m predictable is an understatement so just being able to walk around and soak up Old San Juan was not something I would’ve usually done, but I’m grateful I was out of my comfort zone.

The narrow streets of Old San Juan are filled with pastel colored buildings that are like I’ve personally never seen before (a blogger’s dream) , and tons of CATS. I’m not a cat lover to be honest, never have been, however they mind their business so I minded mine lol.

It was nice to just walk with no plan until you come across something that catches your eye, and so we went inside a beautiful church, Catedral de San Juan Bautista which I’m so disappointed none of my pictures came out (UGH). As we kept walking, we eventually we came across Castillo San Cristobal and, it was hot, not gonna lie, but once you make it to the top level, the view was well worth it; not just for the breeze you feel coming from the water, but the view was AMAZING! I’m a beach girl, I love the ocean I could sit and look at it for hours if I could. So this was no different, I think I took close to 50 photos of this view. These few below made the cut after a longgg period of sifting through them.

Puerto Rico is gorgeous and I highly reccomend that if you have the chance to visit, you go for more than one day so you can see and experience each part of the island. I can not wait to go back to explore more of the island, as one day was simply not enough.

Have you ever visited Puerto Rico?

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