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6 Aug

My Top Performing Instagram Photos This Month and the Story Behind Them

It’s the end of the month and nothing provides the best reflection than photos… to be more specific, Instagram photos. I talked about what went on on Luxxe and Co in this post, however I only briefly talked about my Instagram feed. Here is an Insta Roundup of  my top performing photos on Instagram for this month and the stories behind them.

01. Great Lash Blue: I have details for this look in this post here, but this was probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken to date. First of all, I would never think to try blue mascara… ever. Not to mention lashes that big and bold on my small eyes. However, the result at the end I was in love with and to also see others respond well to it too makes the feeling that much more exciting. Lesson learned: step outside of your comfort zone; it may come out better than you expect.

02. African American History Museum x Washington Monument: I have an obsession with the Washington Monument; I’ve loved it since a kid. There is just something about the Washington Monument it that I just can’t pin point, but I love it. I use to call it “The Pencil” as a kid, and well I still do and to be honest there’s no shame here. If you haven’t heard about the fairly new African American History Museum, I suggest you read up on it a bit here it’s just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The architecture and history displayed is just perfect. The day I took this picture it was my first time there and it just seemed like the perfect photo opportunity. I love this photo just as much as I love D.C, which is a ton.

03. White Liner: Okay so there’s no real serious story behind it. I just sat down at my vanity one Sunday afternoon while listening to 90210 on Netflix (my favorite show even though its long over) and wanted to play with my NYX Vivid Bright Liner, so I did and it came out quite well. Kinda boring story, but honestly no real sap story like the others, however sometimes your best ideas come when there is no deadline to create and post a look.

04. Roses: who doesn’t love roses? However, this picture was taken a LONG time ago… Mother’s Day weekend long ago when I made this DIY rose gift box. This particular photo was taken before I trimmed them and removed the leaves, but something was so beautiful about their “pre cut” stage on the marble so I snapped a pic. I truly forgot I had this pic, which is why it was posted so late… oops.

 That’s it for this month. I really liked doing this post ,so I will be doing this at the end of each month from this point forward. Also, if you are a blogger, I highly suggest you turn your profile into a business profile so you can see your analytics as well.


Happy August! (Even though it’s been going on for about a week now) !

What is your favorite thing you did this month?

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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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