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21 Sep

5 Life Lessons Everyone Should Know

Every year, on the eve of my birthday, which was last week (I’m a bit late, whoops), I write out on the notes app on my Iphone, things I learned, what I want to change and what goals I have for the year. This year, has been pretty… interesting to say the least; very interesting. However, with good experiences come bad experiences and with bad experience comes… life lessons.

Here are the five life lessons I learned by the age of 25.

01. Know your worth, then add tax. If they can’t afford you… OH WELL

02. Never spend your time crying over anyone who is pending their time making someone else smile.

03. Not everything deserves a response. Silence bothers most people more than a “fuck you” ever will.

04. Not everyone is your friend; the term “acquaintance” was created for a reason.

05. Last, but most importantly: God makes NO mistakes; none…zero…nada. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life.



I hope that sharing the five lessons I learned this year can help you on your life journey as well !

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