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29 Oct

The Desi x Katy Collab is Here

Desi x Katy is here! Two popular Youtube Beauty Gurus, Desi Perkins and LustreLux (aka Katy) have teamed up with Dose of Colors to create a collection of products which old out in less than 24 hours on it’s first release date. The Desi x Katy collection included three liquid lipsticks, two highlighters, a lip gloss and an eyeshadow palette. Lucky for me, but not so lucky for my pocketbooks, I was able to get two items from the collection on the first release date: the lipgloss and the eyeshadow palette.

About The Girls Palette

The Girls Eyeshadow palette includes four shimmer shadows and if you’re wondering where the hell the name “The Girls” came from, Katy and Desi decided to name the eyeshadow palette after their dogs. If that isn’t cute, idk what is. Priced at $28, each color in the palette is pretty unique. If you are looking for one palette to be able to create a full look, this may not be for you due to the lack of transition shades. However, if you’re a bit of a makeup  addict and have a ton of palettes with matte transition shades, this may not be a big deal. Each shade in The Girls palette has special instructions that came in the package that tell you the best way to use it to achieve maximum color payoff.


Suz: bright champagne shade (use with a drop of water on your finger)

                      Harpoon: cool tone green base with green and gold reflects  (use wet)

Turbosan: purple shade with shimmering reflects (apply with finger)

Noli: bronze shade infused with gold reflects  (apply as normal)


If packaging is you’re thing, you’ll love this. The packaging for the Girls Palette is straight glam. It may look a bit like rhinestones in the picture, it’s not, but boyyyy does it shine. Out of everything I own, this packaging is the best and the mirror gives it double the bonus points.

From Top to Bottom: Harpoon, Turbosan, Noli, Suz

The Shades

Harpoon is beautiful, but I just couldn’t get a lot of the green to pull through on the lid. Even though when I put on the lid, more of the gold reflects came through, which is beautiful, but if you’re getting the palette strictly for the green itself, I’d consider a different option.

Turbosan… I am in love with! It’s my favorite from the palette and is so unique; when applied appropriately it gives a bit of a wet look and ugh…it’

Noli, the bronze shade in the palette, has been my go to everyday so far; it’s easy to apply, creamy and lasts all day.

Using all of the shades, I do find Suz to be the most “glittery” out of all the shades (for a lack of better words). Suz is a pretty shade, but it can get a bit messy.  It’s supposed to be used with the finger, but for my skin tone I preferred this shade on the brow bone and getting it precisely in that area with my finger wasn’t the easiest to do with the glitter spreading everywhere. However, that is personal preference, but when used all over the lid there was more control and the champagne color is one of the prettiest I’ve used.

Availability and Shipping

Even though Dose of Colors can now be found online at Ulta, the Desi x Katy collection is only available online at Dose of and Naimes. The collection is also  limited edition and once gone it’s gone, so if you’re considering buying it, I’d get it ASAP. Don’t fret though, the collection has been in stock for a good week minus the Over the Top lipgloss. 

Shipping directly from Dose of Colors (based in sunny California) took about 5 days from the moment the order was placed. The Dose of Colors website advises to be prepared for a 3-5 business day wait just for processing. Personally, I placed an order on August 14th and the order was shipped out on August 16th with the package at my door on August 19th. Shipping for the order I placed was free since I purchased over $40 worth of product; the Girls palette was $28 and the lipgloss was $15 and for free shipping I expected it to take a good two weeks especially with the collab being highly anticipated due to Desi and Katy’s large audiences.


Over The Top Lipgloss

Since the Over the Top Lipgloss is out of stock currently for good, lets keep this short.  The gloss retails for $15 and has light gold shimmer. Over the Top lasts longer than most glosses I’ve used and isn’t too sticky if it ever comes back, get your hands on it. 


Overall, I do enjoy the eyeshadow palette and would recommend it. Each shade is unique, which is great because nothing is worse than buying a palette that is the same as something else you have. Congrats Desi and Katy & Dose of Colors! The Desi x Katy collab was a success and with this being my first time ever ordering from Dose of Colors, and they’ve definitely gained a new customer.

Have you tried any products by Dose of Colors?

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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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