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12 Oct

The Verdict is In and Rihanna’s New Foundation is…

If you don’t know by now, our queen Rihanna, released her very own makeup line, Fenty Beauty, with Kendo and she teased us for a good month, a good long month.

I woke up around 9am to head over to Sephora, even though it opened at 10. I was honestly prepared to be waiting in a long line since last time I went to this mall for the free MAC lipstick the line was wrapped around the mall…literally. To my surprise there was a total of 5 of us waiting in line, maybe because school is already in session and it was the middle of the week, but no one really knows. I really didn’t plan on buying anything after seeing the pictures online, and I wasn’t in the slightest bit impressed, but it was my birthday and I wanted to just check it out just in case. Let me tell you, I’m glad I got my ass over to Sephora when I did, because the verdict is out and, well I won’t tell you until the end of this post!


Fenty Beauty is a 100% cruelty free makeup brand created by none other than Rihanna. If you’re not sure who Rihanna is, that’s fine; she’s basically a singer, actor, designer, guru a.k.a. a little bit of everything. What makes this collection so unique, is that Rihanna’s goal when creating the brand was to focus on creating a wide range of foundations for hard to match skin tones and create a formula that can work for all skin types and this is exactly what the beauty industry needed.

The first round of products included 40 foundation shades, varying in undertones, as well as highlighters, concealers and a lipgloss.

See the entire product lineup here, however today I’m going to discuss the Pro Filt’r  Foundation in depth since it’s one of the two products (the other product I purchased was this one) I actually purchased.


Let me start by saying can we take a moment to give Rihanna and Kendo Brands some credit… 40 foundation shades on a first launch is amazing and a brand willing to release that many shades at once when most brands have considered this “risky” deserves some recognition.

I was matched to three different shades that could’ve all worked perfectly for me due to me having pretty neutral tones, so at that point it was just preference because I could’ve went with 410,420 and even 430. On the Sephora website, it is recommended that if you are having a hard time choosing between two shades, go for the lighter one and I have to agree. I like 420, but now I am contemplating if I could’ve went up a little to 410, so I’m actually going to head over to pick it up as well. I’ve worn the foundation three times before writing this review to give myself a chance to stop fan-girling over the fact that it’s Rihanna’s makeup line. I’ve worn the Fenty Foundation once to work, once to a dinner and once for a full night out. Let me mention, the foundation successfully lasted through my birthday night of lots of dancing in a hot club and survived my 8 hour work day, without having to blot (I have pretty normal skin btw).

The finish is a soft matte, where it’s not to cake face looking, but not too glowy/dewy either, however it still manages to look like skin without feeling like you’re wearing a mask; it’s truly a beautiful, comfortable foundation.


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r  Foundation is being offered in two locations, through Sephora as well as the Fenty Beauty website. For $34 you receive about 1.08 fluid ounces of product which, is on average more than what you get in most foundations sold at Sephora. Being honest, I just grabbed the product and headed straight to the register not paying attention to the price and was expecting to spend about 50$ for the fact that the foundation was beautiful on the skin and it was Rihanna; I honestly expected to be paying for her name and I was okay with that. To know that I didn’t have to pay for the “Rihanna name”, made the buy feel even better. For those who are looking for the foundation outside of the U.S., Sephora as well as the Fenty Beauty website offer international shipping. For those in the U.K. the foundation can be found at here through Harvey Nichols.


Hands down the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r  Foundation is well worth the price! It’s claims were 100% true to me and round of applause to Kendo and Rihanna for a successful launch. If you are still hesitant about trying the foundation, I would recommend heading over to your local Sephora instead of ordering online and asking for a sample; samples are free at Sephora, and that way you can “try before you buy”.

Have you tried the new Fenty Beauty Foundation? What are your thoughts?

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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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