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23 Nov

Is ABH’s Prism Worth the Money?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is back at it again with a new eyeshadow palette for the holidays. Prism, the newest addition to the ABH family, has 14 luxe eyeshadows that range from neutral to prismatic metallic and my oh my it screams holiday vibes.

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Okay, so before we hop right into the good sh*t, let’s address this big ass elephant in the room. Yes, the Subculture controversy happened, and many people vowed to never even touch an ABH eyeshadow again. However, I had no problem giving ABH my coins; partially because I didn’t purchase Subculture in the first place, partially because I understand that no brand is perfect and things happen. Personally, I have never purchased an ABH product that has let me down prior to the Subculture release and therefore I decided it’s not the end of the world and I’ll give Prism a shot. So, I will not be holding it against Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you’re looking for some tea and some shade, this review isn’t going to give that to you. Sorry, well, tbh, not sorry.



Lucid: duo chrome white gold with pink reflect

Eden: matte coral pink

Unity: matte nude ochre

Spinx: metallic warm bronze

Osiris: due chrome midnight violet with red reflect

Sphere: matte electric green yellow

Obsidian: matte deep black

Dimension: duo chrome silver grey with pink reflect

Parallel: matte truffle

Pyramid: metallic yellow gold with green reflect

Throne: duo chrome blackened blue-green with multicolor reflect

Saturn: matte terracotta

Eternal: metallic violet copper

Lure: matte ashy lilac


As far as price goes, ABH has kept the price of their eyeshadow palettes consistent and the Prism eyeshadow palette retails for $42. Quick math here: $42 for $14 comes to $3 a shade which is a pretty good deal most brands can’t beat. I hate to say, oh its blah blah amount of ounces, because let’s get real here, how many of us really pay attention to that? However, in case you were wondering though no worries, I’ve got your back it’s… 0.7grams.


Originally released in mid October (late AF to provide a review, I know) the palette is still still available. ABH stated that Prism would be a limited edition product strictly for the holidays. What limited edition actually means in this case, we will never know, since many products in the beauty world are said to be “limited edition” and make a come back, one…two.. twenty times. Despite being limited editions, the Prism palette can be found on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website as well as Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora and Ulta.


Due to the issues with the Subculture Palette, ABH provided a few tips how to work with product, so here are the instructions that were provided…

 Use light pressure and pick up product

For the metallic shades,  use setting spray and a flat natural fiber brush since flat brushes deposit shadow and ensures maximum payout without excess fall out

For the matte shades, use a dense brush and use a fluffy brush to blend, while pressing excess on the back of the hand before applying

Each shade is a nice buttery texture, with some pretty decent pigmentation, but I am not a fan of the shade Sphere. Now, don’t get me wrong Sphere performed better than I thought, but just nothing mind blowing. I never had high expectations since from experience, yellow shades tend to be a bit annoying to work with anyways. You know, having to constantly pack on the shade to show up, however the shade just didn’t last long on the lid compared to the other shades. Obsidian as you can see from the swatch above, wasn’t as dark as I wanted it to be, in fact it was too sheer. Hands down my favorite  is throne, since in my opinion it’s a beautiful and unique shadow that was super pigmented; and I’m glad because it is was drew me in to the palette in the first place.

Pigmentation aside, the colors were easy to work with and blended well.  To reference back to some of the issues some found with the infamous Subculture palette, I did not find that the color changed drastically or even at all when applied to the lid and did not “skip”. So if you’re worried about that, don’t. As far as fall out goes, there was nothing too extreme, but the shade Eden did have the most fallout. The formula itself reminds me of the Modern Renaissance palette, which I’m quite happy about since that is one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time.


All in all, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism eyeshadow palette is worth the money! The formula is similar to the Modern Renaissance palette (except for a few shades) and are easy to blend and pigmented. You’ll definitely be ready for those holiday parties with this one.

Have you tried the new Prism eyeshadow palette by ABH? If not, will you be picking it up?

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