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18 Jan

Does the 1 Minute Hair Mask Really Work?

I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before; the key to long, strong, healthy hair is to deep condition consistently. However, how many of us can honestly say they have enough time in their day to make deep conditioning a habit? I would say, not 100% of us, because even if you do… I never feel like I do so that’s at least 50% of us.

So I tested out the new Garnier 1 minute smoothing hair mask to see if I could really get bomb ass hair in 1 minute, because who doesn’t want to get a necessary task done in one minute?


The Garnier 1 minute smoothing hair mask is marketed to give you manageable hair in, well you guessed it…1 minute. Now, I know, I know. No hair issue can be fixed in one minute and it doesn’t claim to fix all your hair issues; it claims to make your hair soft, shiny and silky without weighing your hair down. However, of course like any product, with consistent, long term use, the 1 minute hair mask can correct, a variety of hair issues; so many issues that the product comes in five different formulas:

Damage Repair – Papaya Extract

Smoothing – Avocado

Nourishing – Coconut

Color Vibrancy – Goji

Strengthening – Banana

Also the Garnier 1 minute mask gets extra brownie points for being fully vegan with no silicones or parabens, which is great for all hair types.


So I decided to hop in a hot shower and try the product out. The first thing I noticed when I opened the container was the smell; it smells sooooo good. Of course, that would be up to preference, but again I say, it smells goood. Anyways, In one minute my hair was soft, not really shiny and definitely wasn’t manageable. Immediately I wrote the conditioner off as being a gimmick and a fail.


 I decided to research the product a bit more, and apparently the product can be used two different ways, as a deep conditioner or a leave in.

I decided to try the Garnier hair mask as both. My next wash day, I tried the 1 minute hair mask as a deep conditioner and I let the product sit in my hair for a little over an hour. My naturally curly hair was softer, very shiny and way easier to comb through. That was nice, but it wasn’t anything that wowed me so, a I gave it a try as a leave in conditioner… and by far that was the best results for me since the hair stayed soft all day, smelled amazing, and was significantly shinier!


Is this a good product? Yes, it does what it claims to an extent. Would I repurchase? Ehh…well, no.

Confused yet? My bad, but let me explain. It all (like every review) comes down to preference and location. I have to pose a question to you. What stores are available in your area?

The thing is it worked well for me as a leave in conditioner, but nothing that would make me leave my current conditioner behind. However the main reason was the availability of the product. I’ve Googled and Googled where to find the product and the Garnier website re-routes you to either Amazon or Walmart. The price then varies between 2-8$ because we all know how Amazon pricing works.

If Walmart is available near you or if you’re willing to wait for Amazon to ship the product, I’d say yes try it out. Overall my hair was left significantly shinier and the price is pretty cheap since I was able to use the conditioner 4 times before the small tube ran out.

If not, you can find something else to try and still be happy.

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The Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Mask was sent to me courtesy of Influenster. However, my opinion on the product is 100% mine .

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