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8 Feb

7 Tips for Taking Blog Photos With an Iphone

Iphone Flatlay

What if I told you, it was a 110% possible to achieve pretty great blog photos with the camera on your phone. I love my Nikon, however some days I am just not in the mood to drag the camera, the lens and the tripod out just to get a quick shot especially when I know my Iphone will get the job done in no time. With these 7 tips, you too can achieve aesthetically pleasing photos for your blog using just your phone, without having to spend hundreds on a DSLR.

Get Towards the Light

The first step in getting a clear photo is to get towards a light source.  You can use artificial lights, such as softboxes or even a cheap lamp that is lying around your house. I personally use these from Limo Studio since I tend to take bulk flatlays at night. However, if your schedule permits, get towards a huge window and let the free natural sunlight do all the work. It’s really up to you whether you spend money to get good lighting, but the main key to success to getting the perfect amount of light on your subject is to have your camera facing the light and not have your back towards the light. This tip will change your life, it did change mine.

Bounce the Light

Get a reflector! It is such a simple investment that makes a world of difference.  A reflector works wonders because it bounces light back onto the subject, without having an additional light source; this is perfect if you are just using sunlight. I use one I found on Amazon, but if you’re on a budget, grab a white poster board.

Adjust the Exposure

I’ll admit, I didn’t learn this one until recently, but you can adjust the exposure of your photo on your Iphone before you take the picture. To adjust the exposure, take your finger and swipe up and down on the screen until the sun appears. Swiping upward increases the exposure and swiping downward decreases the exposure.

Focus Focus Focus

A picture in focus is way more aesthetically pleasing than a blurry one, unless that’s the vibe your going for. If it is, I’m not knocking your hustle. To get your Iphone to focus, tap the screen at the exact point you want the camera to focus and make sure the center of the item is in the box.

Use the Back Camera

The best tip I’ve ever received about taking Iphone photos, was to use the back camera. You would think that the front camera and the back camera would take pictures equally as beautiful, however the back camera takes sharper images due to the megapixels being higher than the front camera.

Be Still

Just like a DSLR, make sure your hands aren’t shaky when snapping your photo. Since it’s a bit harder to get your phone on a tripod for stabilization, try to stand still, hold your breath and snap your photo. Okay, you can breathe, but you get the point…be still.


I strongly believe that all photos, especially blog photos need to be edited.  Now, do I mean edited to the point where the original picture is something completely different? No, but even the best pictures need a tad bit of editing. Whether it’s sharpening, cropping or even adjusting the exposure, it’s okay to edit a photo. Also, in case you didn’t know, sometimes a camera doesn’t necessarily pick up colors as vibrant as the eye does.

When editing pops in mind, most people think Photoshop, which is now a monthly fee, however there are a few great free programs out there to use for doing basic touch ups to photos such as:

01. Canva

02. GIMP

03. Lightroom CC

04. PicMonkey

In Conclusion…

It’s true that your blog photos provide a potential reader with a first impression that helps them to decide whether or not they will become a permanent reader of your blog, or if they won’t come back. No one wants the latter. However, you don’t need to spend a hefty amount on a camera to get good clear photos. With the right technique, you can achieve bright, clear and eye catching images that will keep readers coming back for more.


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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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