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13 Feb

Valentine’s Day For the Single Girl

Single Girl Drinking Wine

It’s THAT time of year again. You know, the time where if you’re single…hello constant reminder because it’s time to be bombarded with everything love. Yuck. Kidding, just kidding (I swear I’m not one of those bitter single girls). Well how exactly can single girl’s conquer Valentine’s day without being all in your feels? Well, I’ve been single for…idk feels like ever so I got the answers, from experience.

Girls Night Out

“The best thing about falling is you have your friends to catch you”. Who remembers this quote from Season 1 Grey’s Anatomy? Well, Meredith Grey couldn’t be any more right… per usual. If your heartbroken this Valentine’s day or happily single, nothing is better than spending V-Day with your single friends making new memories. So grab your girls/boys and head out for some fun. Now, what you all do for fun, is up to you. I’m personally okay with getting manicures and pedicures, grabbing some dinner, maybe even passing out drunk. Just don’t forget, the alarm will go off tomorrow, it’s still a work day.

Woodbridge Wine and Gold Glasses

All the Food You Want

Love yourself means eating whatever the f*** you want. At least that’s what it means to me (clean eating has been rough, can you tell?).  I’ve been on a healthy lifestyle change, and only eat the “bad” foods on the weekend, but today… today is a special day. Join me on the dark side and give into the cravings. YOLO.


Been eyeing something for a while you’ve wanted to add into your life? Buy it today; online shop, get up and take yourself to the mall whatever, just spoil yourself.  Buy yourself some roses, because once again, you love yourself and that’s the key message here.

I promise I’m not trying to make you go broke… Indulge in the things you want because life, well it’s short.

A Bath

Self-explanatory… who doesn’t love a bath? on to the next.

Magazine and Wine

No Social Media

Okay no matter how confident you are single, and how happy you may be about it, social media (aka Instagram, Facebook all that good sh*t) can definitely make you feel some way on Valentine’s Day. There are a million and one couples, a million and five gifts from significant others, you get the point. Save yourself and turn off the social media, it can wait. Those pictures will probably show back up on your newsfeed in a week anyway thanks to Instagram’s new irritating algorithm, but at least if they do pop up a day, or a week later, you’ll be less inclined to give a sh*t.

Climb In Bed With Netflix

If Netflix isn’t your thing, that’s cool, grab a book. Netflix is my thing so I’ll be doing that, WITH a glass of wine (If you’re not 21 I’m not recommending this to you, grab some cider because I’m no bad influence, thank you).

Get Some Rest

Go to bed early! Most of us have work the next day anyway and we all know the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, emotions is to get sleep, lots of it. What beats climbing into a warm, bed early and getting a full night’s rest? I just took a few seconds to think, and I couldn’t come up with anything! BTW since you took advice from point number 4 it shouldn’t be hard to fall asleep. Must I reiterate… turn the social media all the way OFF. Goodnight sweetie!

Valentine's Day 2018


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