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1 Mar

The Best Drugstore Lashes

Eyelash Flatlay

My first experience with false lashes (aka falsies) was with individual lashes, thanks to Youtube. I was terrified. I wore contacts, my eyes get irritated easily no way could I place GLUE on my lash line. One day I was finally convinced that it wouldn’t be so bad, so I gave in and finally tried falsies. After that, I fell in love with lashes and have pretty much worn them since that day forward. To date I’ve tried pretty much every single drugstore lash brand and thought to share with you the best drugstore lashes that you can get for under $10.


Drugstore Lashes - Ardell Demi Wispies

The blogger favorite, Ardell Demi Wispies, are perfect for when you want your lashes to look natural, but glam. Demi wispies are shorter in the front and get longer towards the ends, but don’t look too fake. The Demi Wispies, are great for multiple eye shapes. The thing I love most about them are the lash band; it is invisible and doesn’t irritate the lash line like some lashes tend to do.


Drugstore Lashes - Kiss 01 Lashes

Yes, Kiss nails, has expanded their product range to include lashes! If you’re in the mood for the “your lashes, but better look”, these are the ones to choose. The Kiss 01 lash isn’t too dramatic or super dark, but they will give your lashes a quick pick me up.


Drugstore Lashes - Salon Perfect 614

I go back to the Salon Perfect 614 lashes over, and over again. The 614 lashes are shorter on the edges, but longer in the middle, bringing attention to the center of your lid making them long, flirty and beautiful.  The only thing is, this lash brand can only be purchased at Walmart, but I have seen them on Amazon for a fairly decent price (they should be no more than $10 though).


Drugstore Lashes - Eyelure Grand Glamour

Glam isn’t even the only word appropriate enough to explain these lashes; they are sexy, bold and amazing as hell.  The Grand Glamour lashes are a bit heavy, however you get use to them as the day goes by. For the price, these are the best full on glam lashes I’ve used from the drugstore. To see them in action on me, you can view this post.


Drugstore Lashes - Ardell Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are a bit difficult to apply, but to me they look the most natural. My other favorite thing about individual lashes is you get to customize each lash to your eye shape and preference. Want more drama on the ends… go for it. Want more length in the middle…do that too girl! These Ardell individual lashes are pretty damn good and come in three sizes: short, medium and long.  These are comfortable, and last a while to the point where I have fallen asleep multiple times in these after a long day, and they are still in place the following day.

What are your favorite drugstore lashes?

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