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21 Aug

The CN Tower

Views From the Top of the CN Tower

Can you really have Toronto blog posts, without the CN Tower being mentioned? Not really. The CN Tower is currently the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere standing tall at 1,815.3 feet. As you can imagine, being up that high, comes with some amazing views!

Seeing the CN Tower for the first time


Once you make it past security, you get in line to get on the elevators to the top. The elevator we were on had a glass floor and glass sides we could look out of while on our way to the top of the CN Tower. I have to mention that the elevator takes about 58 seconds to get to the top, so if you’re afraid of heights the ride isn’t too long. You’re probably wondering, “well if it gets up there in 58 seconds how fast does it move?” Well the answer to that is, 15 miles per hour. It may not seem like a lot when you’re in a car, but that fast on an elevator, your ears pop like you’re on an airplane.

We decided to stop at the Look Out Level, which is where you go if you purchase the general admission ticket. If you want to go a bit higher, you can go to the Sky Pod Level, which apparently you can see across the water to New York. The day we went was a bit cloudy due to rain, so we didn’t really see a point to pay the extra to go higher.

When leaving the Look Out Level, we did have to wait a bit in line for the elevator to take us back down to the bottom floor. Im convinced this was because there were a bunch more people at the Look Out level then when we first got to the CN Tower, which is why I will recommend getting there the moment they open.

Window of the CN Tower


01. Look Out Level: The general admission ticket includes access to the Look Out level as well as access to the glass floor. We almost missed the glass floor and just so happen to notice it out the side of our eye when waiting for the elevator. 

02. Edge Walk: Grab a friend and walk around the CN Tower with no hands. Wire’s hold you up of course, but if you’re a thrill seeker this is for you.

03. Sky Pod: If going to the Look Out Level isn’t high enough for you, there is a different ticket you can purchase to go up a bit higher.

04. 360 Restaurant: If you’re hungry and looking to splurge a little bit, this may be for you. The food is on the higher end, but the view makes up for it, especially at night.


01. Buy your tickets online: I’ve managed to say this about all the attractions that I visited while in Toronto, but I would have to say, buy them online at least a day in advance.

02. The earlier the better: When I say early, I mean the moment the CN Tower opens, be in line. The lines get really long, really fast.

The CN Tower in Toronto Canada

If you’re looking for a great view of the city, and even a piece of New York if you’re lucky, CN Tower is the place you want to visit if ever in Toronto. If you’re wondering what else you can do during your visit to Toronto, check out my post about Graffiti Alley and Toronto Islands.


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