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12 Aug

Toronto Islands

Centre Island Pier in Toronto

Just a few weekends ago, I took a short trip to Toronto! I shared a few pictures of Graffiti Alley last week, and thought to share one of my favorite places I visited during my trip, Toronto Islands. I am a beach girl through and through, and the moment I heard the words “beach” and “islands” I was more than ready.

Beach in Toronto Islands
Botanical Garden in Toronto Islands and a view of the CN Tower.
A Miniature Horse in Toronto Islands
A Mini Pig in Toronto
Toronto Skyline


As you could probably imagine, you have to get on a ferry or a water taxi to get to the islands. We personally chose the ferry that left out of Jack Layton Terminal since it was the cheapest option we found ($7.50 CAD). I will say this a thousand times, BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE. We had no clue that you could even purchase tickets online and when we arrived to the Ferry Terminal at 2pm the line was RIDICULOUSLY LONG. While waiting in the heat and the crazy long line, we  just so happen to see a sign that said you can purchase your tickets online and skip the line. So my friend went to work on her phone, got the tickets and we jumped out of line and walked straight to the front.

Once you make it through the gates, there are three different ferries you can take: (even though all three islands are connected)

01. Centre Island (where I went)

02. Hanlan’s Point

03. Ward’s Island

No matter which side of the island you choose, prepare to be on the ferry for at about ten minutes.


There’s quite a few things you can do and manage to spend most of your day pretty relaxed there. We headed to Centre Island Pier to get some good views of Lake Ontario on one side and the Toronto skyline on another side. While standing on the pier taking a ton of pictures, we realized that we forgot our swimsuit. How we forgot them I have no clue, but we did. If you bring your swimsuit, unlike me, you can visit the beaches and hang out. There are a few separate beaches, including a nude beach…yes NUDE.

Other activities include, BBQ and picnics since there are tons of grassy, shaded areas. If you prefer to participate in a few water activities, canoeing and kayaking is an option too.

If you’re traveling with kids, they will love Far Enough Farm and the Centreville Amusement Park. It was a purely adult trip, however we brought out the kid in us by going to the petting zoo. There were only a few animals and for a small donation you can actually hold them.


01. Carousel Café

02. Pizza Pizza Subway

03. Subway

04. Toronto Island BBQ and Beer Co.

05. Uncle Al’s Smokehouse

And if you’re looking for a snack there are plenty of Ice Cream and Cake stands including Beaver Tails, which are sooo good.


I really enjoyed my time at Toronto Islands, and would recommend you checking it out if you are visiting Toronto. Looking back, there are a few things I would reccomend for a great experience:

01. Check the webpage before leaving to head to the islands; it has updates daily to tell you what is open and closed

02. Save your time; buy your tickets online before you get to the ferry terminal

03. Even if you don’t think you will want to swim, don’t be like me and forget your swimsuit

04. If you plan on eating at any of the restaurants, book a reservation, especially on the weekends

05. On the ferry, make sure on the way back you are on the left side (I believe) of the boat to get the best view of the Toronto Skyline


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