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4 Sep

The $10 Product You Need To Add To Your Skincare Regimen

I absolutely love wearing a full face of makeup, but when it’s time to take it off at the end of a long day, I hate the makeup removal process! All of a sudden I catch myself thinking, “you’re tired, just go to sleep. A few pimples won’t be too bad”. That’s the craziest thing to think, but i’d be lying if I said that thought hasn’t crossed my mind multiple times.

We all know the number one rule of makeup is DON’T SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP at all! If you didn’t know, now you know. Acne prone or not, sleeping in your makeup is the worst decision you can make for your skin.

Call it lazy, but I want to be able to wipe my makeup off without too much work. I could easily grab a makeup wipe, but most of the time it just doesn’t get the job done.  Then I discovered micellar water, and it changed my life forever.

So in comes the Garnier Micellar Water…a life saver. I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Water since the moment it hit the shelves and it’s remained on my bathroom counter since then. Currently I have three stashed in three different places in my house; one by my bedside, one in my makeup room and one on my bathroom counter.


Non-irritating: I’ve tried micellar waters from other brands, but either the product just wasn’t effective, too expensive or the scent that is way too heavy. Scented products and sensitive skin? Definitely not a match for me and my acne prone, sensitive skin.

Easy to use: Using micellar water is so easy and only takes three simple steps! Grab your micellar water, pour it on a cotton pad and wipe gently across the face. No hassle no fuss!

Effective: It takes me about two cotton pads to fully remove a full face of makeup with this product. The Garnier Micellar Water pulls off EVERYTHING. Eyelash glue? Gone. Mascara? Gone. Liquid liner that never budges? Gone.

Accessible: The Garnier Micellar Water can be found at all drugstores, online at Amazon and even in Ulta for all under $10.

So what are you waiting for? Add the Garnier Micellar Water to your skin care regimen; you won’t regret it!



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Ariana is a makeup enthusiast with a passion for creating smokey eyes and bold lips and exploring life through her camera lens.

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