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About the Blogger:

Hi and welcome to Luxxe and Co; I’m Ariana, the blogger behind the blog! I’m a twenty something year old makeup enthusiast with a slight obsession with capturing smokey eyes and bold lips through my camera lens. My new years resolution for 2015, was to create a place where I can
share my interests and opinions in hopes to help & connect with other women and men who share the same urge to create makeup looks from natural to full out glam. I am so proud to say, here we are!

About the Blog:

Luxxe and Co, formally known as Label Me Luxxe, began in 2015 as a creative outlet for me to take makeup to new heights and translate my vision through film, all while exploring and being inspired by the little luxuries that life has to offer.  Luxxe and Co, short for Luxury and Color, is your online destination for the best makeup reviews, the best tutorials with a sprinkle of photography.  You will find new posts on Luxxe and Co every Thursday and Sunday ranging from reviews, tutorials and life inspiration. I hope that you find Luxxe and Co. insightful and thank you for all your support!




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